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Victor Guerrero
Though emotionally confused, Victor is super ambitious and driven towards his beliefs and goals. He’s working on being a licensed barber and cuts many of his friend’s hair during free time. Other companions of Victor consider him very open, outgoing, friendly, and most definitely big hearted. For fun, he likes to go out to eat to new restaurants he hasn’t tried before. As for his inspiration, “I’ll become somebody that my father never was.” He’s interested in becoming rich in the hair product business or the music industry. However, being rich or getting by wouldn’t change the fact that either way he’d like to have an impact on the people and environment around him. Victor is also an Aries and proves to live up to his sign by always being independent. He doesn’t do things just to follow the crowd, he acts based upon his feelings. Passionately, Victor trailblazers through life full steam ahead, however, still helping anyone in his path in anyway possible. The motto he believes “you either change someone’s world, or you change the world.”

Victor Guerrero, Staff Writer

Nov 03, 2017
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Oct 20, 2017
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Victor Guerrero