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Joesett Marquez
Joessett is a senior at Moreno Valley High School. She is beautiful, very nice and also very funny at all times. A unique thing about Joessett is that she tells people she doesn’t have a middle name but she does. Don’t get fooled guys. The things that her friends admire about her is that she is very funny and also dependable when it comes for people asking her for help. She also gives good advice when her friends come to her when they need help with a problem. She’s really cool, but she can be mean at times if she doesn’t like you. She likes to sit down and be in nature. She’s a McDonald’s worker so catch her at Mcdonald’s working. She really doesn’t like her job, but she works for her money and for her stuff. She likes staying at home and watching her favorite TV shows and chilling. She likes to eat a lot on her free time. Something that inspires her is June 7, because she wants to graduate. Joessett still doesn’t know what she’s going to choose as her future career.

Joesett Marquez, Staff Writer

Oct 20, 2017
(Extra)ordinary Humans of MoVal (Media)
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Joesett Marquez