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Jesus Blanco
Jesus Blanco is a caring, outgoing, and confident person but most importantly hardworking. He might seem “rude” or simply just intimidating but when you really get to know him you get to see the person he really is. But what truly makes him such a caring person is his compassion that he shows towards the people he loves. He will go till the ends of the world to do anything for them. He is such a goofy person, he never fails to bring a smile on people's faces. He always has new jokes to say and they never get old. He can be very passionate about the things he wants to get or get done. He is very hardworking and will do anything to fix things no matter what it is. He speaks up for what he believes in or simply in things that might not seem right and will not give up no matter what situation it might get him to. He is an intelligent person and is the type of person to get things done as soon as possible. He is a generous person until you get on his bad side. He has many interests but some of his interests are spending time with friends and family, listening to music and running. A hobbie of his is drawing . He doesn't draw as much but he's still really good. Another one of his hobbies is just playing basketball either with friends or by himself. His biggest goal in life is to start his own business and have his own store one day in the future.

Jesus Blanco, Staff Writer

Feb 10, 2020
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Jesus Blanco