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Emily Aguilar
My interests would have to be music because music makes me feel cool on the inside but even though I’m not cool on the outside. My hobbies would have to be drawing, watching anime and gaming because when I’m bored or having nothing to do I always draw, watch anime and game all day. (I’m a nerd :) My career goal would be graduating from high school and college and becoming a teacher. Aspirations would be finishing high school and going on to college. My unique qualities would have to be to work hard and make sure things get done. Personal beliefs that I have would be life is not hard just learn, graduate high school, college and move on to what you want to be in life. My passions would have to be happy because my family makes me happy in life. My favorite shows to watch will have to be Stranger Things,Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, Scream Tv Series and more. I also have favorite anime shows Tokyo Ghoul, Disastrous Life of saiki and more. 

Emily Aguilar, Staff Writer

Nov 21, 2019
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Emily Aguilar