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Dustin is a human with many joys in life but his main thing he likes to do while the hours wither away is collecting memes and playing xbox. Music is his escape and he jams out to rap and other edge lord stuff. He’s a weird, intelligent, and wise guy. There’s not a problem he can’t fix; he works well under pressure. If there is a problem that he can’t fix asap, he finds a way to forget and relax, coming back to it when the time it right. His motto is “Looking to the future, never looking to the past always looking at what’s ahead, looking at the light ahead that could be your future instead of the darkness in which you currently live in”. Dustin one day hopes to achieve his goal of becoming a computer engineer, he plans to die at the age of 80 in the most epic way possible such as driving a ferrari at 180 miles per hour. His zodiac sign is an aries which means he is a courageous, determined, honest,optimistic, enthusiastic, and passionate person. The quote he stands by is “If you want to know what a man’s, like take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” He’s a great pal and always shows respect. If he were a pastry, he would be a chocolate chip muffin. If you want to know more about this human feel free to stop him and introduce yourself because you won’t regret it.


Dustin Cerda, Editor

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Dustin Cerda