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Camila Gonzalez
Camila could be described as awkwardly awkward, but just like a vegetarian lasagna she has layers to her. What you see is not what you get with this mysterious girl. Camila tries to be a genuinely good person stating, “ I am not saying being a nice person is unique because there are a lot of nice people, but because of the world we are living in right now, there is not a lot of genuinely nice people.” She is selfless and is willing to put others needs in front of hers. No matter what she is going through, Camila still manages to smile and tries not to let the things bothering her affect her. Her zodiac sign is a sagittarius, who tend to be outgoing and adventurous, though Camila does not mind being an introvert as this allows her to enjoy  her favorite activities like sleeping, reading, and watching netflix. No matter how much Camila keep to herself, she still wants to pursue a career as a psychologist. She wants to work with people and help those who feel as she once felt. She hopes to understand why they feel the way they do. Goals like this are inspired by her mom because her mom does everything for her. And with that, Camila leaves her favorite quote, “The sun will rise and we will try again.” This will give anyone she shares this quote a sense of relief and hope for the future.

Camila Gonzalez, Editor

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Camila Gonzalez