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Anthony Argueta
Brutally honest kid with a big passion for equality . Very mean, but never rude being, with  a weird obsession with songs with the word ̈blue ̈ in them. Who strongly hates math. Has the desire to become a Creative Director in the future. Biggest goal as of right now is to simply make the best of his youth . Feels very strongly about expressing the way he feels. Is more often than not quiet but isn't afraid of being loud . Hobbies finds tennis and skating to be the best free time events. Very respectful of people's opinions but always is bound to ask a question due to curiosity or randomness. Hard working, who's open to trying new things. Is most definitely not afraid of being himself and is always going to be straightforward and honest . Will not tolerate anything that annoys him . 

Anthony Argueta, Staff Writer

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Anthony Argueta