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Alana Carmona
Alana Carmona is an outgoing and positive person, just as a Gemini should be. She enjoys competing in any sport she can because it keeps her busy and allows her to let out her aggressiveness. However, on her free time she tries to find places where she can volunteer and help. She is persistentㅡshe wants to be the best at everything and won’t stop until she gets there. She is unique with a smile that can brighten your day. Her favorite color is purple because you don’t really see a lot of purple and it just stands out like she does. An interesting factor about her is her likeness for horror films because she likes being scared. For her career she plans to be a pilot for the navy. Her motivation is the fact that if she continues to keep doing as good now, that one day she’ll be in the position in life where she doesn’t have to worry anymore. A quote she lives by is “The definition of insanity is doing something over and over and expecting the same results.”

Alana Carmona, Staff Writer

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Alana Carmona