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Anthony Argueta

Anthony Argueta, Staff Writer

Anthony Argueta is an odd mess of emotion, a very unpredictable guy who hates labels. Anthony finds it very important to appreciate the simple things in life, which is why he puts everything on such a high pedestal. He is a brutally honest “Goblin” who is always making an effort to show his complexity so people don't feel afraid to express their true selves with him. Though he can very easily tense up and come off extremely awkward, he is very easy going and always hears something out before making any assumptions. His greatest inspiration is his father but claims he is too much like his mother, he has an obsession with songs that have “blue” in their name and enjoys slasher films. Anthony believes himself to be an easy-going “city boy” he loves living in California and the lifestyle it provides for him and his friends, whether it be skating, fashion, exploring, or simply just making a situation better. A very dedicated soul to the Feminist community, He lives by the same quote every day and does what he can to inspire others to do so as well, “Life is too short for anything but love.” 

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Anthony Argueta