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Alicia Herrera

Alicia Herrera, Staff Writer

Alicia is kind of quiet, shy, sometimes funny and something unique about her is that she gets over things really quickly. Her friends admire her for is being nice and funny. She plays basketball for fun because she love, love, love, loves it and basketball is passion for her. Alicia has two important people who inspire and motivate her and it's her aunt who inspires her and her mom and aunt both motivate her. She has three career goals: the first one is for her to keep playing basketball all her life, the second one is to have her own brand, and the last and final one is to become a barber.

Alicia’s zodiac sign is Aquarius and Aquarius are shy and quiet; exactly like how Alicia is. They also are energetic and she is also that because she's in basketball, which she loves. And the quote she goes by is “It's harder to stay on top than it is to make the climb. Continue to seek new goals.”

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Alicia Herrera