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Teresa Gutierrez
Web designer, editor, and coffee addict Teresa Gutierrez, is one of the most kindest and considerate people to ever exist. Having more of a creative side her interests consist of being a bookworm, writing, drawing and listening alternative music. Even her photoshopping skills are outstanding. Following along, her favorite band is Twenty One Pilots and performer is Lana Del Rey. Her wittiness makes it easy for her to reply to any message with the appropriate reaction, considering the quality memes she has on her phone. As a matter of fact, she spreads her contagious humor with her cheesy comments. She is proud to notice improvement on her grades and being a member in the National Honors Society club. Interested in politics, she would like to progress into law school and become a paralegal. Teresa appreciates self care. She treats herself with a movie night  a week, rewarding the tasks she accomplished. All-embracingly, she is a strong girl with a vibrant energy.

Teresa Gutierrez, Editor, Web Designer, Staff Writer

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