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Michelle Calleja
Michelle is a Scorpio , but a very sweet warm hearted scorpio yet without a heart when she feels like it. She has the cutest laugh that you can ever think of. Michelle may seem to have a resting B%$*@ face BUT she is the sweetest funniest girl anyone could come across. Michelle enjoys taking naps like 24/7 ! You can find this beauty reading Harry Potter ( I REPEAT) Harry Potter while wearing her “ice blue” crocs. She gets annoyed by country music but we all know in no time she will be bumping it too ! After almost 12 years of being in school she can proudly say she is on track to graduate,  taking it back to second grade she took home the 2nd place trophy for reading. As she’s an aspiring cardiovascular surgeon so shout out to you Michelle you’re going to be making bank in the future. She’s currenting our school’s newspaper editor.

Michelle Calleja, Staff Writer

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