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Brice Cordova
Brice is a young man who is very talented. He knows his ways of being independent and has the ability of what other men don’t have - it is honesty! He is also shy, but does that stop him from being a awesome rapper? No! Therefore Brice Cordova can be mysterious, you don't know what will be coming after you when it comes to this guy, so be careful my fellow people, he can kill with his rapping skills. People know this man as a talented rapper but what makes his talents successful is his humbleness and that's key! He writes poems in his free time and hangs out with his friends. People know Brice is very inspiring, but he feels inspired as looking through life crossing his obstacles and experiencing new things. Mostly, what Brice wants, according to what he said himself is that, ” I want to be happy and financially stable even if I work at Mcdonald's.” Brice is a scorpio which means he is a calm, cool person who has a mysterious appearance. When I interviewed this humble talented man, do you know what he told me? He told me that, “ Only I can determine my happiness and that's how I am going to live.” Wow! Words of wisdom this man has obtained, but one thing you can do for him since he gave you his words of wisdom is hear to his song, “Omnipotent” on Soundcloud.

Brice Cordova, Staff Writer

Feb 21, 2018
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