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2017-2018 Staff

Barney Garcia

Staff Writer

Editor, computer programmer, IT, TA. Barney is mostly known by his friends to be helpful and outgoing. Post-high school goals are to go to Stanford University, looking to be a journalist, business, computer IT, or politician....

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Randy Jimenez

Staff Writer

Randy Jimenez, senior, is the nicest boy you’ll meet. Friends describe him as always kind and helpful. When he gets older he hopes to be a ER doctor to help those who don’t have easy access to medical services. He is very...

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Eduardo Santana

Staff Writer

Eduardo is a shy and imaginative kid. He is shy but outgoing, fun but boring, all at the same time. He’s an incredible package. He likes to play video games, read, and write short stories. These things relax him and keep him a...

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Joesett Marquez

Staff Writer

Joessett is a senior at Moreno Valley High School. She is beautiful, very nice and also very funny at all times. A unique thing about Joessett is that she tells people she doesn’t have a middle name but she does. Don’t get ...

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Dustin Cerda


Dustin is a human with many joys in life but his main thing he likes to do while the hours wither away is collecting memes and playing xbox. Music is his escape and he jams out to rap and other edge lord stuff. He’s a weird...

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Gregg Harrison

Staff Writer

Gregg Harrison plays as wide receiver for the freshman football team . He is best  known for being energetic and outgoing. He is also really goofy; there isn't a time you will catch him without a smile on his face . He’s fu...

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Natalia Gomez

Staff Writer

Natalia Gomez is a generally a happy person, but she can be serious at times and give a lot of attitude. She is the type of person that can cheer people up really quickly. Some things her friends really admire about her are her...

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Evette Gallardo


Evette Gallardo is a very unique ,different ,kind and optimistic freshman.She is like a gift box - you never know what you’re going to get. Her friends like how weird and quirky she is. Evette spends her free time listening ...

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Sam Ruiz

Staff Writer

Samantha Ruiz is a beautiful freshman who is extremely funny. She’s social and always happy. You’ll always catch her cheesin’ if it’s around school or if she’s just relaxing at home. A unique thing about her is she s...

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Junior, Tabitha Solis is an opinion editor for the Viking Post. She is an awkward, kind hearted, and a passionate writer that has a unique sense of fashion. The intense feeling of horror movies and books are just right for he...

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Alexis Gonzalez

Staff Writer

Alexis Gonzalez is a senior at Moreno Valley High. Alexis is shy, loud, kind, and sometimes funny. Something unique about Alexis that she can make friends easily. One thing her friends admire about her is that she can always make...

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Imia Nicholls

Staff Writer

Imia is a fun, goofy, funny, crazy, outgoing girl. No matter the situation, she is always happy; she is a very straight-up, honest person with a good heart. Things Imia does for fun is go out with friends, eat, sleep, because th...

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Brice Cordova

Staff Writer

Brice is a young man who is very talented. He knows his ways of being independent and has the ability of what other men don’t have - it is honesty! He is also shy, but does that stop him from being a awesome rapper? No! The...

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Alana Carmona

Staff Writer

Alana Carmona is an outgoing and positive person, just as a Gemini should be. She enjoys competing in any sport she can because it keeps her busy and allows her to let out her aggressiveness. However, on her free time she tries to f...

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Alicia Herrera

Staff Writer

Alicia is kind of quiet, shy, sometimes funny and something unique about her is that she gets over things really quickly. Her friends admire her for is being nice and funny. She plays basketball for fun because she love, love,...

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Sabrina Miranda

Staff Writer

Sabrina is very sassy and funny, but she can get serious and she can give attitude at the same time. She loves to eat a lot for being such a small person, because eating is very comforting for her. Something that her friends admi...

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Melody Miles

Staff Writer

Melody Miles is a makeup loving crazy but shy freshman. She spends her free time listening to music and doing her makeup. She is the epitome of a creative thinker. Her friends admire how she’s always there when you need her....

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Armando Garcia

Staff Writer

Armando is outgoing, funny, weird, and loud. He is not a lover, he is a fighter. Something unique about him is he can play guitar and drums. One thing friends admire about him is he is really energetic. “I could make someone day bet...

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Victor Guerrero

Staff Writer

Though emotionally confused, Victor is super ambitious and driven towards his beliefs and goals. He’s working on being a licensed barber and cuts many of his friend’s hair during free time. Other companions of Victor cons...

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Kimberly Rojas

Staff Writer

Kimberly is an Aquarius. Kimberly’s personality is like a rainbow. In the right light you see a rainbow, but when you pop it it gets all “gunky and mucky” and it makes your hands all sticky. But despite that, you still wan...

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Jennifer Aguado

Staff Writer

Jennifer Aguado is a very different person from normal to say the least, but in her case it’s a good thing. She loves to just have fun and be a free spirit, also loves to be there for anyone in need because that’s the kind ...

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Camila Gonzalez


Camila could be described as awkwardly awkward, but just like a vegetarian lasagna she has layers to her. What you see is not what you get with this mysterious girl. Camila tries to be a genuinely good person stating, “ I am n...

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Jesus Castillo

Staff Writer

Jesus is a sweet, amazing, caring senior. There is no way you can be down around him. Jesus is a Gemini and there are very well two sides to him, one as which takes a while for him to show. He has a soft side to him and he would...

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