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The Boy Crisis

Itzelth Gamboa, Staff Writer, Student Life Editor

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Boys are far more likely than girls to struggle academically, limiting their chances of pursuing a higher education.

According to a study conducted by OECD, boys are nearly twice as likely than girls to fall behind in reading, mathematics, and science. The study suggests that girls are more literate and provided proof that show they have been reading more; reading is the foundation to comprehend other subjects, the ones in which boys are falling behind on.

The Washington Post states that the biggest problem for boys is their family situation. The family’s income, the loss of a father, the abuse of a mother, these generally affect boys more thangirls. Researchers suggest that boys are more sensitive to family situations than girls are. When boys don’t get enough parental attention, they misbehave.

Due to boys having more of a tendency to act out; they need more parental guidance and boys that grow up with only one family member are more likely to fall behind. Boys in broken families are 8% less likely than girls to be kindergarten ready, states the Washington Post.

“Boys who have structure in their home lives and involved parents or guardians are ones that succeed and excel in their studies because the importance is a powerful presence in the home,”. Mr. Kennedy, English teacher, said. “Typically, these types of students recognize the need to do well because it is expected from them at home and they are able to see the future benefits of an education.

Adding on to a family situation, there are other beliefs as to why the boy crisis is occurring.

Mrs. Hooper, Honors Chemistry and AVID teacher, suggests that there are multiple reasons that contribute to boys falling behind; video games along with electronics, hormones, maturity, and family obligations can all be contributions.

Students, however, believe the reasons are based on gender stereotypes.

“I feel like the reason why boys are falling behind is because they are not having these expectations on them anymore. It was always the man expected to do good so now that women can be expected to do better in school means that men don’t carry the weight on them alone anymore and so in turn makes them fall behind.” Edward Rivera, senior, said.

Writers at agree with the students at MVHS, stating that one of our main focuses should be on gender stereotypes reinforcing the belief that abandoning all stereotypes would benefit everyone in society.

“Gender norms play a big role in this, because average males are viewed as more dim witted than the average females, the problem is that males actually start to believe the labels and think it’s okay to do things a certain way just because of the way they are viewed already.” Marco Cervantes, senior, said.

Most researchers and writers suggest that schools take initiative and give students more programs to be involved in. The insufficient amount of programs is the apparent problem for researchers and to not take action will deeply affect boys as they grow older.

“We need to provide more opportunities for kids to be connected to school.” Kennedy said.  “Not everyone is college bound and that is ok… and furthermore, if we do not provide opportunities (culinary, automotive, art, design and many other excellent skills) for an overwhelmingly large population of our school, we are going to continue to see our young men slip through the cracks of the educational system.”

Although many programs aren’t in place now, people still hope for boys to demonstrate as much academic ability as girls.

“I don’t think there’s anything that you and I can do to stop it.”  Cervantes said. “We can try, but that would make things more difficult, but the statistics can change. It’s honestly just a matter of applying yourself to the subject at hand, we can’t give someone the initiative to apply themselves but we can give them a spark.”


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The Boy Crisis