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Choose Fear Over Love

This Valentine's Day, abandon tradition. Watch a good horror movie.

Andrew Del Rosario, Contributing Writer

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Well Vikings, we all know what time of year it is. Gone are the festivities that the end/beginning year holidays bring and it’s come to THAT time of the year. Yep, “ugh!”- I mean, “yay(?)” love is in the air as Valentine’s Day creeps upon us quickly. But aside from all the formalities and pressures of showing that your relationship is the best via the biggest teddy bear or by the “cutest” paragraph on instagram- allow me to provide you with a date night idea that doesn’t necessarily scorch a hole in your pocket the way a typical 60 dollar oversized stuffed animal does. My suggestion? Stay home, plop your significant other down on the couch, grab a phone, have her dad hold it as he sits between you two [whatever your case may be], and watch “It Follows” (2014). Yes, a horror movie- but it’s more than just that, it’s a cheap and effective date night idea, wrapped in the bundle an overall marvelous movie (regardless of the time of year) well worth the watch especially with a significant other if no other reason then for the dark humor and irony in it’s premise. “Why?”

“It Follows”, written and directed by David Robert Mitchell, follows a group of teens (Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, et al) as they evade an evil that chases after people plagued by a “curse” of sorts which is transmitted via, wait for it…sexual intercourse. Yes I’m serious, and yes I’m serious when I say that the premise and movie work wonders in the way that they’re executed.

If your idea of a horror movie is jump scare after jump scare, you might not have as great of a time watching “It Follows” in it’s charged prolonged tension (in that case you actually might be better off watching one of the lesser acclaimed new releases i.e. “rings” or “split”). However, “It Follows” does have it’s fair share of modern scare culture mixed in with an oozing psychological suspense factor that sends the viewer into a constant state of unsettled anxiety for the characters with little relent.

While “It Follows” exhibits the clout of a heavier-weight title in terms of effect on the audience, many of it’s features are that of an indie B-movie that was filmed in someone’s backyard. Initially it may turn some people off to the movie- the idea of a lesser developed “B-movie”- Quite the contrary, the very silent, scoreless movements, and isolated nuance from the talent is enough to keep you enthralled as they serve as set ups charged with the underlying tension of “where the hell is this monster while our heros are talking?” On my 100-point scale, i’d give “It Follows” a solid 90 if for no other reason than the beautiful synergy of style with premise of a slow burn yet teeth-gritting tension, but also for the charm that the cast and writer/director bring to the premise as well- a true “modern horror classic” if you ask me, and i’m not even much of a horror guy. Yet, this movie was able to grip and hold my attention with its intended “dreamy- nightmarish” feel until the end title card which follows an already amazing end to the movie.

While there are many theories on what the film and it’s monster as a whole are representative of: STDs, STIs- or maybe even deeper institutions like depression or death,and there is much more of the film to talk about on face level as well. “It Follows” is a movie better off left under cover as much as possible for the initial raw digestion of the mostly unknowing viewer.

So this Valentine’s Day (or anytime of year, Valentine’s Day just gives it that dark irony), if you wish to save some money rather than chancing a solid 50 bucks at the movies on a potential dud with your significant other (or yourself if that’s how you roll) on top of the 60 dollar lifesize stuffed animal, 23 dollar bouquet of flowers, and other Valentine’s Day “essentials” that you were suckered into- sit in instead and indulge in the pure indie charmer of a horror movie that director David Robert Mitchell and crew bring in the Psychological-Horror/ Psychological-Thriller “It Follows.”

As mentioned before, go in with as little knowledge as possible, do not go out seeking more explanation of the movie, SEE IT FOR YOURSELF, and by all means, enjoy the show.

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Choose Fear Over Love