How To Be Successful On A First Date

Destiny Penaloza, Staff Writer

Drawing by Jaden Gonzales

Going on a first date can be very challenging/scary for people, it can make you nervous and second guess about going on the date. But don’t second guess, go on the date, because once you’re there wherever it is, you’re going to have so much fun!

Step one: Be a gentleman When you go on a first date, you can’t be rude. No lady/girl likes a rude guy. In order to be gentleman you need to be nice to your date, if your going out to eat, pull out the chair for her, at least that’s what Gustavo Carmona, freshmen at MVHS would do. He says “I would offer to pay for her meal, and hold the door open for her.” Even if you’re not going out to eat you can still be polite and have manners.

Step two: Don’t be boring You need to loosen up, don’t be so stiff. Have fun when you’re out, say jokes, be funny. Be yourself, you don’t have to be so serious when you’re on a date. Like for example Gustavo’s first date was at Hangar (a trampoline park). He said he had a blast and “at first it was weird, but once he let go, he didn’t feel nervous and it was super fun.” He didn’t have to be so worried and he could let loose and not be shy anymore.

Step three: Pay attention “No girl likes when you don’t pay attention to her”, according to Gustavo. Gustavo says “listen to her, don’t just ignore her, a date isn’t meant for you to ignore your date.” He also says to respond to her, if she asks you something. Keep the conversation going because who wants to go on a date where you’re not even talking or getting to know the person? No one right, because if that was the case then no one would ever want to go on a date.

Step four: Be respectful In order to be respectful on your date make eye contact, if you’re out eating and don’t make any eye contact at all most likely your date is going to think you don’t care what they have to say or what they are talking about is boring, and nobody wants to feel like that. Also, if your date doesn’t want to do something, then don’t force it. They have a mind of their own, they can speak for themselves and if they say “no”, then it means no. Gustavo says “ he wouldn’t want anybody forcing him to do anything he doesn’t want to do”.

Step five: Just be you  Dates are very easy. Yes, you will probably be nervous, you will probably over think, everybody does, but don’t worry. All you do is have to be yourself, don’t act a certain way when you’re out because really all you need to do is be honest about who you are and not care what your date thinks about you because if your date really wants to be with you then it shouldn’t matter how you eat or how you dress, etc. Act like how you would act if you were around your friends or even at your house, which is comfortable because if you can’t act comfortable or the way you want, then there is really no point of a date because then the person is on a date with you, but not the real you. So just be you, and if you follow these really simple steps on how to be successful on your first date, then your date should go perfectly fine and you don’t have to worry about anything.