Ms. Ramin, More Than Just The Muffin Lady

Christopher Gutierrez
Ms. Ramin poses at the white board in her classroom. Ramin has been teaching for over 40 years, 14 of which have been at MVHS.

It is the beginning of Mrs. Reyes’s fifth period class and the students are rushing in before the tardy bell rings. Out of the blue comes French teacher, Ms. Ramin, to hand Mrs. Reyes a homemade cookie to give to a student for her birthday. The students that happened to be there were surprised. Mrs. Reyes thought it was very nice of her not only to go out of her way to give the student her a cookie she made herself, but the fact that she does it out of her own pocket, in her own time for each and every one of her students on their birthday.


“She’s one of the most motherly type teachers I’ve had so far, she cares for her students as if they were her own.” Bryan Sanchez, senior, said.


Ramin stated that she always wanted to study law, but found that teaching language is a necessity to help people of different nations communicate. She was only 13 years old when she visited the World War I battlefields of Verdun in Eastern France and decided to become a teacher of languages to promote communication between different peoples to avoid conflict.

Now, Ms.Ramin accomplished her goal to become a French teacher. She has been teaching for 40 years now. The adventurous teacher has taught in five countries and three continents. Also, almost every thanksgiving break she takes her students in her french club on a trip. This year they traveled to Quebec, the cold snowy state in Canada.


Not only has teaching students about the importance of learning a language played a significant role in her life, it has also lead to her dedication to being more than just the ‘french teacher’. According to Ms. Ramin, learning a new language is more meaningful than what it seems.


“I want my students to understand that one does not learn a language to stay at home, one learns a language to leave home and discover the world away from home. It is wasting a human life to always stay in the same place.” Ms. Ramin said.


Having Ms. Ramin as a teacher has it’s perks. The way she cares for the education her students receive is outstanding.


“We are hurting our students when we treat languages like a dollop of whipped cream on a dessert, instead of a life necessity.” Ms. Ramin said.


With that being said, the fact that the state allows students to learn one foreign language for a graduation requirement is unfair because you don’t truly learn a language within a year.


According to Ramin, “Languages have to be taught in elementary school, and 4 different languages have to be required to be allowed to graduate.”


We may not realize it, but the school system is doing damage to students, especially to those teachers like Ms. Ramin that believe that it is wrong how the school system could be when it comes to this.


“This is more than ridiculous and an insult to the intelligence of our students.” Ms. Ramin said.