The Vikings Upset the Colton Yellow Jackets in a Homecoming Victory

Romeo Orozco, Staff Writer

Moreno Valley High school’s football team took another win for the season at the homecoming game against the Colton Yellow Jackets on Friday, September 30 at Rooney Field.

The Vikings took homecoming with no hesitation; it was an important game and the Vikings needed the win for the season.

The Vikings went in feeling confident about the game, but still not judging the Colton Yellow Jackets and ready to play hard.

”I think this will be an easy win because their record shows they’re not as good as us but we will find out,” varsity player Dezi Vera, sophomore, said before the game.

In the first quarter with four minutes to go, Andre Bereal, the quarterback for the Vikings, threw a 40 yard completion to Jahleel Holmes scoring a touchdown! The Vikings lined up for a PAT, and the kicker got ready, kicked and missed, leaving the Vikings to lead with 6-0.

The homecoming game continues into the the second quarter with the Vikings take over leading 29-0 in the second half.

The third quarter began with the Vikings receiving the ball, continuing with their winning streak. Doryan Cole scored a three-yard rushing touchdown with eleven minutes to go in the 3rd quarter making the score 0-35. PAT (field goal attempt) was good making the score 36-0. With only ten minutes to go in the 3rd quarter, Doryan Cole, #22, scored another rushing TD making the score 42-0. PAT was successful and the Vikings continued to lead 43-0.

Into the fourth quarter, the Yellow Jackets weren’t looking good at all, with nine minutes to go. Doryan Cole scored a 31 yard rushing TD. PAT was great and Vikings lead 50-0. There was under a minute left in the game and the Colton Yellow Jackets scored a TD leaving the game to end 50-7, Vikings.

This year’s varsity team has big shoes to fill after last year’s team went undefeated in the regular season.

“I feel like last years team was unstoppable, and for us we really need to try hard to be like them,” Giovanni Peralta, Sophomore, player on varsity said.

Coach Wadkins, head coach, agrees that last year’s team was exceptional, but also acknowledges that they were a different group of students with a different set of strengths.

“Last year’s skill set was completely different people and they had a different skill set that was better,” Wadkins said. “I expect them to play hard and to give us their best effort.”

People enjoyed the game and the rest of their night for homecoming.

“It feels great,and awesome,” said varsity player, Justin Tatum, sophomore.