How To Be More Empathetic


Daren Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Many people act as if there is only one type of love, and that is romantic love. Although, people oftentimes forget that there is also familial, self, friendship, and stranger love.

While getting into these romantic relationships, people do not get to know each other more before they start to date. Some have started dating after a few months or weeks, and some even after only meeting on the first day.

These kinds of relationships often end up going bad, as there may be sudden changes in behavior, or sudden reveals that one of the partners might not agree with. Many problems will occur during this, and the people may even hurt themselves a lot.

Although it is not always situations like this that cause breakups, there are many other ways to cause these. Reasons such as no trust, no communication, not enough love, distancing, and more.

After a situation like this, the people who break up would feel sad, due to feeling a connection with that person they broke up with. Usually hiding the sadness, or letting it all out.

When people are at this point, it is best to let their emotions out, as bottling them up may lead to disaster and even losses in friendship or family trust. Make sure that they do not do anything irrational either, as it may lead to feeling worse.

A way to understand how they feel better is to think about what it would be like if you lost someone you hold dearly. It does not have to be a lover, it could be a friend or family member.

These people deal with bad depression, but it only gets worse the closer they are to the person they love. Then they do irrational things, and probably try to get into another relationship.

This time of depression is a time to relax and focus on themselves, this is where self-love comes in. They need to realize that at times people need to learn to appreciate themselves and not throw themselves into any chance they get at a relationship

People also need to realize that romantic relationships are not the only things to focus on in life, they should never rush into becoming mature and having an adult life. They should enjoy their life and have friends and family there to support them.