I Love You More Than…Cake Pops!


Kathia Hernandez, Staff Writer

Since it’s a special day, Valentine’s Day!! We need special treats, whether you show your love with baking like me or if you’re just broke for Valentine’s gifts, then follow this #recipe. 

Making cake pops is such a fun and easy thing to make, especially since it’s homemade. I don’t know if it’s just me, but when you cook your food you appreciate it more. I just find making things homemade is more meaningful than going to a nearby shop.

Okay so first, I started off with my cake, you can either bake it from scratch or use cake mix, I used cake mix since I was very rushed but I recommend having a cake from scratch just because I feel that it shows more love, passion and also very fun to do.


Next, I began to crumble my cake and mix it with my frosting. Then you will form them into the shape of your liking.

After that, I let my cake pops cool for about 5 minutes then I proceeded to dip them into the melted candy melts (I honestly prefer using white chocolate for cake pops but a girl is broke so you got to do what you got to do LOL). Make sure that you let them chill before dipping them because if not they will fall apart, trust me I’ve experienced that many times.

If you want to be bougie like me then you can add sprinkles or decorate them to your desire. If not then that’s it! Very simple and easy!