Keep Your Own Claws Away From Cats


Daren Gonzalez, Staff Writer

As an owner of a cat, I find it difficult to believe the stereotypes and violence pushed unto them. My cat rarely ever scratches people, and even when he does, it is by accident. They aren’t the ruthless creatures people make them out to be.

“I thought since stopping the abuse of cats would be good, as cats face a lot of abuse, neglect, and some are even killed” Valeria Guerrero, my girlfriend and middle college student said. “These are poor, defenseless creatures that don’t need to go through all that. A lot face PTSD, or they are killed, euthanized, due to all the problems and issues that they have”

People have hurt and neglected cats many times, to the point where most cats cannot even trust humans anymore. They have been killed, and they have experienced PTSD and other traumas due to human abuse and neglect.

“In New York, the Police Department took over responsibility for animal abuse complaints in January and created an Animal Cruelty Investigation Squad,” Stephanie Clifford, a journalist in New York Times said. “Arrests for animal abuse increased about 250 percent through September, compared with the same period last year.”

There have been a lot more arrests in September, which shows how well the police are helping, although it also shows an alarming amount of people who abuse animals. The world needs to see the reality of just how serious the crime is and how much more common it is than they think.

“Nowadays, we can stop the abuse would be reporting people that you have like suspicions of them abusing cats,” said Valeria. “Or if you see a cat that is hurt in any way, you can take them to like the vet, or to a shelter, or any place that takes in cats and can help them”

People who have detected the abuse should care for the cats, and treat or defend them if anything is wrong. If they neglect the treatment, they may as well be as bad as the people who hurt the cat to begin with.

“Yet defense groups say animal abuse cases like Mr. Robinson’s should be handled individually,” says Clifford, “and are not necessarily predictive of worse behavior.”

Defense groups believe that there is no crime done and that there is no sign to prove whether or not the person will be a threat in the future. Although many serial killers start off this way, it is common for a person to flip the abuse to humans over time.

“I don’t think that it will ever stop, but we can limit it, that’s what I think,” Guerrero said. “Because a lot of people are really cruel, and take a lot of the hurt and abuse to the cats, or to any other animal.”

People are cruel to animals, we may not be able to stop it, but we can at least prevent any more of the pain they should not be going through. They should be our friends and family that are by us, not to be hurt, but to bring comfort, and we should give them the same comfort back.