The Favoritism Towards Certain Sports Needs to Change

Kathia Hernandez, Staff Writer

Did our school really need to spend a lot on a football field? Our school puts other sports to the side. Water polo doesn’t even have a pool and tennis has old cracked courts.

As a player in a sport that doesn’t get attention, I feel bad for us. Seeing the school spend so much money on things that we didn’t need is frustrating. For example, we got new lunch tables and got rid of the ones we had before. We could’ve kept the ones we had and just added more; it would’ve saved more money and we could then use the money we saved on the sports in need. 

The same thing applies to the update in the lecture hall. Was it nice? Yes. Did we need it? No. 

Baseball player, Jason Arevalo, senior, says that it’s unfair how football players have their own locker rooms, even during the off-season. 

“I find it kind of unfair, they should let the other sports in season use it, like soccer,” Arevalo said.

Many students feel that football players get special treatment, whereas some sports don’t even get recognition. 

A football player says that he thinks every sport gets treated equally and the school is doing a good job splitting the money for each sport.

He also believes that the school buys new sports equipment whenever they are damaged or too old.

I believe that he thinks that way because he doesn’t see the perspective that we, those who play other sports that get pushed aside, see. 

“They rebuilt the stadium even when it was already good,” senior Edgar Guzman, a tennis and water polo player, said. “We don’t have fixed tennis courts and we don’t have a pool big enough for water polo.”

I, and many others, can see the frustration in other sports players who don’t get as much attention as the bigger, more popular sports. No student should feel as if they’re getting less. Sports should be something students find joy in, not feeling like others are better. Every sport deserves the same amount of respect, attention, and recognition. Our school needs to do better doing those three things for every sport we have.