Balancing Work Life and School Life

Balancing Work Life and School Life

Kevin Hernandez, Staff Writer

Maintaining two responsibilities at once can be very challenging, now imagine if those two responsibilities were equally as important. Balancing work life and school life is a very complicated thing because some kids might work right after school and get off late leaving very little time for homework from six classes. While not everyone has a job while attending high school, many students depend on their own salary and require a job, especially during these times of Covid. According to research conducted by Walden University, nearly 30% of students have a job while attending school. 

“It’s very difficult, having a job and going to school,” Araceli Mendez, senior, said. “I often have work right after school and work to closing, and sometimes I’m not able to do my homework at times and the teachers won’t try to reason with me to accept it as late work.” 

Teachers have as much responsibility as students to try and make a plan out with students who have work. An article on states that “High school students who work while in school need educators and administrators who understand the situation, can help them address the associated challenges, and perhaps even make provisions to ensure every student is successful” 

Mendez discussed how working late interferes with her ability to focus while at school. “Sometimes I’m so tired and barely finish at 1 am with all the homework that is due making me sleep very late and waking up at six am for zero period sometimes I feel it effects the way I learn at school and my attitude towards the day,” Mendez said.

So how can we do it? How can teachers make sure every student is on an even playing field and it’s fair? One of the first steps for anything is communication; if teachers can communicate with every student they have at the beginning of the school year to determine who has a job, they can make their own plan with the student on when homework will be due and even extend certain due dates on when homework is due. That would be very helpful in this situation. The best thing a teacher can do is just be willing to help and willing to listen to students who are having trouble balancing their life. No student should have to worry about doing homework after work at 11 pm.