Menstrual Products Are Essential; They Should Also Be Affordable and Accessible

Maria Garcia, Staff Writer

Schools are always difficult to navigate on your best days; but when nature decides to visit an unprepared girl, school becomes the setting of a personal horror story.

Many girls in school struggle to get a hold of menstrual products when mother nature just decides to take its course. Normally a female would have to go to the health office to ask for a pad or tampon and hope that it´s not noticeable. Sometimes the nurse isn’t even in her office, so now she’s trying to figure out where she can get a pad or tampon.

Being a woman is hard, especially when it’s time to add a pack of pads or tampons to the store list. A female will spend $13.25 every month, and overall a female spends up to $6,360 in her lifetime for some menstrual products. 

That’s one problem and on top of that, menstrual products at stores are expensive and some females can’t afford them, even though it’s a necessity. A lot of families struggle with money, so not all the time do they have enough money to afford what they need. 

On January 1, 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law eliminating the sales tax on menstrual products, but that law expires at the end of this year.  So when that law expires girls are going to go back to struggling to afford menstrual products. They should eliminate tax on menstrual products permanently because this isn’t something we can easily cross off our list when we notice we went over the budget, it’s a necessity. 

Recently a bill was put out that schools will have to stock the girl’s bathrooms with free menstrual products. Except, why do only girls in school get to have access to free menstrual products? What´s going to happen when those girls in high school graduate, they’re not going to have the luxury of receiving free tampons or pads, and some girls aren’t even allowed to work after high school because parents want them to go to college first, so now they have to figure out how and where to get affordable products.  

These laws are a good start, but more needs to be done to make these products easily available. Females worldwide should be able to have access to free menstrual products or at least be able to afford the products they need. Store companies should consider at least lowering down the prices of menstrual products to a more reasonable price.