MVHS Vikings Go Up Against The Riverside Poly Bears for Homecoming 2021

The MVHS Vikings and the Poly Bears wait on the line during the 2021 Homecoming game at MVHS.

Melianna Mulifai, Staff Writer

The Vikings went up against the Riverside Poly Bears for MVHS’ homecoming football game on Friday, October 15. 

The game started off rough, with Poly making their first touchdown within minutes of the game starting. The Vikings’ offense kept trying to push for a touchdown but Poly’s defense was tough, keeping Moval Vikings from being able to make a touchdown.

“..I think we could have all around made smarter choices and played as a team,” Coen Vera, junior, said.

In the second quarter, the Vikings’ defense tried keeping Poly from scoring, and Poly’s defense did the same to the Vikings. The Bears ended up scoring near the end of the quarter, leaving the score at 14-0. 

The 3rd quarter came and it was back and forth between Poly and Moval. The Vikings scored two touchdowns within minutes of each other, leaving the score to be tied 14-14.

“I was tough but at least we didn’t get blown out,” Francisco Lopez, sophomore, said. 

The last quarter came out with the Vikings still making a touchdown but “[Poly’s] defense was tough,” Josh Gibson, freshman, said. “I feel like we still could have had a chance if we really believed.”

The Vikings defense kept the Bears offense from making a touchdown up until they couldn’t, as the fourth quarter ended with Poly making two touchdowns, leaving the score at 35-22.