New Culinary Arts Program at MVHS

Bernice Burrola, Staff Writer

Moreno Valley High school welcomes their new culinary arts program this year, and is giving the students an opportunity to participate in the program.

You may ask yourself what is culinary arts? The word culinary is defined to be relating to a kitchen or to cookery while art is defined as human creativity. But put both words together you end up seeing something unique and can create something tasty.

Tamara Carey, is the new Culinary Arts teacher. She is located in room D-73 if you have any questions about joining the program or want any other information regarding what the class is like. 

Carey had applied earlier this year for the Culinary instructor position here at MVHS and was then later offered the position a few weeks later. 

¨This course prepares students to understand safety and sanitation, food prep, menu planning, cooking methods, knife skills, and restaurant styles¨ Carey said.

The program covers customer service and nutrition. 

¨We are moving forward at a great pace with students learning new food concepts and receiving food handlers vouchers and cards this week¨ Carey said.

Students are able to obtain their food handlers card from the County of Riverside to assist with the job requirements that involve the food industry.

When asked about how she felt about there being a new culinary arts program and being in the program on campus, Brina Burrola, senior at MVHS, said, ¨It’s nice to finally have a class where we could learn about cooking and get an experience in knowing how the cooking industry is like.¨

¨It’s a fun class to take,¨ Burrola said. ¨It would be a good class to take if you want to pursue your career further after high school in the culinary arts industry.¨

I asked Celeste Gomez, a senior at MVHS how she feels about joining the program and what she thinks this program can do to be a help to students. ¨I would feel nervous and excited, yet nervous about learning something new about culinary,¨ Gomes said.

¨It feels educational to learn about culinary and to understand how to be professional with cooking,¨ Gomez said. ¨It would help future generations by practicing cooking and understanding the better quality of food and also life experience.

¨This program will give students in the community a great new skillset and personal growth,¨ Carey said.