New ASL Class Debuts at MVHS


Ms. Homme, MVHS’ new ASL teacher, in the S Wing.

Nia Beckford, Staff Writer

This 2021-22 school year is the first year back after quarantining and to bring in the new school year MVHS welcomes a new ASL language option, after requesting it for 9 years. 

The new ASL teacher’s name is Carissa Homme. She teaches 1st and 2nd period in room 208 and has an ASL club after school every Monday.

“I hope everybody is curious to learn American Sign Language,” Homme said. “It can be really beneficial towards the future in your occupation, whatever job you land on.” 

Homme always had a very interesting life. At the age of two, her parents noticed she wasn’t walking and they took her to an audiologist to get her ear tested and found out she had moderate to severe hearing loss which means she’s hard of hearing. 

Growing up she always felt different because she’s the only one in her family that’s Deaf. 

“I was a robot and in this world that everybody is real and I felt like I was a machine because I had a cochlear implant that helped me hear because without this machine I am profoundly Deaf,” Homme said. 

What is Deaf Culture? The American Deaf community values American Sign Language as the core of culturally Deaf identity. Through ASL, members are given a unique medium for personal expression, a spatial and visual language that does not require the use of sound and emphasizes hands, face, body, and eyes.

In Ms. Homme’s class, you learn a lot at a nice pace. In the first week alone you learn how to sign your name. Many students are enjoying the class a lot.

For instance, Coen Vera was asked why he picked ASL as his language and he said, “Well I mean it’s something different, everybody takes Spanish and French like that so I mean it’s ASL so whatever i’ll take it.” 

“It’s fun. I like it,” he also said.

“I wanted to learn about it because it’s cool when they’re signing and it’s all fast and stuff,” Melianna Mulifai said. “It’s okay, it’s kinda different because of the no talking and stuff but it’s cool.”