The Good and the Bad of TikTok Trends


TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps among young people.

Jason Arevalo, Staff Writer

TikTok is an online app that started in September 2016 but wasn’t big until 2019. Users post videos showing wherever they are at, or of things they think are funny, or could help others; basically, users can post anything. Trends are something that anyone could start because whatever you think is funny could literally be a trend. 

“I think that some trends are really funny and good to laugh at and other trends like hurting other people in any way aren’t,” Joanna Lopez, a sophomore at MVHS, said. 

Which is true. 

In September, there was a trend called “slap a teacher,” and this is where students would literally slap a teacher and post a video of it for a trend. 

But not all trends are horrible like that. There are tons of trends that are funny and also inform others about information they might need. 

One of the trends that Kathia Hernandez, a junior at MVHS, said is the funniest are the dancing trends. 

Daily users of TikTok see new trends almost every day because 50 million people use the app every day. All over the world, there is something happening which makes the app stay up and running because millions of people use it and there will always be something new. 

Just like other social media apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and more, you are able to like posts, comment on posts, share posts, and follow people. So on TikTok if you like cars and sports you could follow car and sports pages and like the post which will help your “for you page” just filled with cars and sports. Whatever you like, it will keep coming up as long as you keep liking the same subject of stuff. 

To some people, TikTok is like a job. 

“I think it’s easy to get a lot of attention but you constantly need to be making videos to be getting famous,” Johnny Silva, senior, said.

Those people who keep posting every day are able to get sponsorships from different brands to post about them and get paid. 

Addison Rae is someone who posted a lot of TikToks and she got famous for trends like dances, funny videos, sponsorships, and everything that was big at the time on TikTok. Overall, TikTok isn’t just a normal app it is an app that has changed many people’s lives in different ways and also making people laugh and informing everyone about information needed to know.