MVHS Holds First Pep Rally Since COVID


The Viking Varsity Cheerleaders pose at the Homecoming Pep Rally. The rally, which was held on the field, is the first pep rally since the school closed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Iyana Nicholls, Staff Writer

Moreno Valley High school had the first pep rally of the year since covid on Oct 15, 2021. The purpose of the rally was to showcase the fall sports. The fall sports at Moreno Valley high are Football, Girls Tennis, Cheer, Volleyball, and cross country.

 ASB students were worried that the pep rally wasn´t going to be approved. 

“The rally was barely approved like a day before we had it,” Kai´lani Franklin, a senior, said. “We were getting frustrated at the fact that we were doing everything for a pep rally not knowing if we would actually have it.” 

This pep rally was the first one since the COVID-19 hit. It was also one of the biggest activities the school has done since COVID.

“[I’m] excited that we are able to do the activities,” Mrs. Reyes, English teacher, said.

The MVHS Varsity Football Team poses at the Homecoming Pep Rally.

The cheerleaders and dance team performed at the pep rally.

¨[I] liked the cheerleaders and dancers’ performance and loved their energy,¨ Kayla Martinez, a senior, said.

The game at the rally was a relay race. In the relay race, the first person had to spin 5 times then run backward. The second person had to run with a hula hoop. The third person had to run with a basketball then shoot it in a bucket. The last person had to do 5 push-ups then run to the finish line. Four people from every class and four teachers participated at each pep rally.

“[I was] clueless on who won,” Martinez said. “[I wasn´t] mad when I learned the juniors had won the race.”

The classes showed their school spirit by dressing up in their class colors. The seniors were red. The juniors were purple. The sophomores were black. The freshmen were white. The staff were green.

“l liked how you could see how excited everyone was to be at the rally,” Mia Mabry, a junior, said . 

When asked how the pep rally was overall Adoniz Hill, a junior said,¨ It was cool. I liked it we just needed different people to participate in the games.¨