Our Own Demise

Steven Torres, Staff Writer

2020 would mark one of the hottest years to date as it would mark 1.8 degrees higher than the average global temperature. This trend of increasingly warmer years has spiraled out of control and yet we have continued to neglect this issue. We are entering a period where the effects of climate change are irreversible and there is no way to ensure we will have the same planet decades from now. We need to break our own delusion and face the reality that we cannot continue to live through these hell-blazing years.

As we enter the horrific reality of irreversible change, the solutions that scientists have suggested to combat these issues may no longer have an effect or may be less effective, which makes the situation far more complex and difficult. One of the only solutions is to get rid of fossil fuels in power production, industry, and transportation. The use of fossil fuels that we have relied on has been a heavy debate of how they could be replaced and the costs to ensure cleaner use of energy to power our daily lives. Many have refuted the idea of the subject and fear the sheer expensive costs of converting to a plan that could resolve these issues. When former President Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement, he stated in an earlier tweet, “The concept of global warming was created.” Yet, he and many other politicians have not invested enough time to research climate change to determine whether it is indeed a threat, much less develop their own plan that could potentially resolve climate change We ourselves are to blame for our own doom. When we are exposed to the truth, we turn a blind eye to the issue. The core beliefs that are shaken when given the evidence causes us to ignore the gravity of the situation. A small minority of people (39%) report strong trust in information from climate scientists. Many people may hold onto their morals and beliefs more than those who are experts in what they research which seems shocking as some would question why there isn’t more trust in science.

Watching the planet I live on slowly be destroyed by the selfishness of ourselves has created our own ticking time bomb that is ready to explode. How can we ensure a future generation that they will live on a planet with a lush life? Now more than ever, we need to work with our communities to create a voice that can shake global leaders and politicians to make a full effort change and not some brief and vague plan that does not live up to its standards.