Money and Happiness Go Hand In Hand

Emily Razo, Staff Writer

Money has been used as the currency of the world for centuries, becoming a crucial essential for our everyday lives, including our well-being. Whether we try to deny it or not, money is one of the main contributors to making our world go round and building a life of our own, for example, buying food, supplies, or maintaining a roof over your head for sustainability. The simplest or biggest purchases are capable of having a great effect on our happiness, allowing us to construct a life of happiness and contentment through money. 

Money gives us the freedom to do as we wish and make purchases for our well-being. We learn from a young age we will one day grow old and build a life of our own, but to do so we must be financially stable to live comfortably and pleasurably. An affluent American from the survey, “The Why of Wealth”, decided to invest in over 50 companies in hopes of contributing a change to the world and form a lifestyle. Money grants us the freedom to do what we feel best contributes to the world while receiving happiness from it. We are allowed to incorporate our pleasures into our lives, whether it be successfully investing in a company, or adopting a new puppy for the family. 

Money will be the main contributor to these pleasures when adopting a new puppy, running a business, or even buying a home. Without money, certain pleasures are unattainable, preventing us from receiving potential happiness boosts through satisfaction. A Gallup poll survey found emotional well-being was attainable when a person earns between $60,000 and $75,000. Without being able to afford basic necessities, dissatisfaction will become prominent in your everyday life, resulting in an undesirable emotional state. However, money is capable of maintaining a sustainable life and producing a positive state of mind through vital essentials and even non-essentials.

Overall, money is essential for producing happiness in one’s everyday life. Without it, we are incapable of obtaining basic necessities and satisfying our needs for sustenance. The freedom of investing in something we believe in for the betterment of the world or buying a meaningful necklace for your loved one is capable of producing happiness.