Students Need To Be Taught That There Are Many Options For The Future

Elsa Haro, Staff Writer

High school students are aware that they have to choose a college career path and it leaves them stressed and confused. However, there are many other options that can save money and time. 

The concept of time is very important, at the time students have to choose a college career, they have not met half the world or discovered everything they are capable of. Some may feel like they know what they want and strive for the rest of their lives forever. Others may feel like they need to look into finding a purpose, while at it. Both of these require time. 

In the journey, students may feel like they have to settle on one specific job because schools make it seem that way. They may not realize they don’t have to be one thing for the rest of their life. Just because you put time, effort, and money into something, if it doesn’t make you happy then what is the purpose? 

A college education is very important, the reason being it allows for more job opportunities. This does not mean that you will be limited to jobs if you don’t go to college, there are plenty of other options, but these require time. A man once said that he spent four years in college and eight more studying to be a lawyer. During this time he realized that he did not want to be a lawyer anymore, but he put in so much time and effort that he was afraid to quit, so he spent the next forty-five years of his life working a job he felt miserable in – a clear example of one limiting their own happiness. 

Open yourself to opportunities and solve your mistakes no matter how much time is put into it, do something that truly makes you happy. The transition from high school to college carried along with the real world happens too fast. Seniors leave their high school with the mindset promoted of having to know what they want, although the school does not give them the resources to help them figure it out. It is always promotion and pressure coming from these schools, but never acknowledgments of motivation through one’s ability. Motivate the student, understand the student, and help time be on their side.