Teachers Need To Cut Back on the Work They Assign During Distance Learning

Daren Gonzalez, Staff Writer

The whole coronavirus has many students stuck in their homes with nothing to do and little motivation, students are doing worse in school and are rarely ever going out. Many students report that they often feel like giving up on school because of how bad their motivation has run out

One reason why students feel this way is because they are easily distracted in their homes by many things. They can be distracted by their phones, family members, video games, movies, and many other things, and then have to stay up to finish work extremely late into the night.

I myself have faced this as the work piles up quickly and I can barely finish the hellish workload without finishing at 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. Many of my friends, along with all of my 3rd period have also mentioned that they finish late, some of them even going as far as 3 a.m.

The amount of work teachers give during this time is insane and students aren’t even sure what to do about it as it keeps going on and on. For this reason, students have been losing sleep and showing up late to class with little energy.

Another reason for students feeling this way is because they are just not in the right environment. The environment of their home makes them feel lazy and unmotivated, while the work is supposed to be done seriously and organized.

I have noticed this happen personally, my grades and many other students’ grades have been dropping for this reason. Even worse, with the amount of homework being piled upon us, we just do not feel the motivation at all to continue with work.

This unmotivated state in their homes has made many students give up and gave them even more of a reason to dislike online classes. Slowly, students have been growing tired and depressed from this whole pandemic, even I have had my sleep schedule messed up and I am getting tired of this whole thing.

Teachers need to lower the amount of work given to students so the students can have time away from school. Students need to be able to enjoy life in these times to boost their morale, and not be more stressed.