Should Students Get Mental Health Days Off From School?

Wendy Gervacio, Staff Writer

Mental health has become a big issue for most people these days, especially students. There are times where I feel unmotivated to go to school due to being overwhelmed and stressed, especially since we don’t have a break or at least a day off from school to focus on ourselves. It’s even worse since everything is online. Mental health days are very much needed for students. Having a talk with my family about mental issues is important for us. Weekends don’t really count since it’s short and I still can’t focus on my mental health at times due to teachers assigning more work than when going to in-person school and it makes some of us feel overwhelmed and unmotivated. 

Having a conversation about mental health issues with an adult or someone you trust is very important. Most teens deal with mental health issues alone due to them being feeling embarrassed or feeling judged if they talk about it to someone. There’s a reason why most teens don’t talk about it to an adult and it’s because many adults think it’s just a phase we’re going through. An adult being there for their child is just as important for their child as it is for them. 

Perhaps if we had mental health days off some students would focus on themselves, as well as catching up in school. Students wouldn’t even fall behind in their classes because everyone will be at the same pace. Assigning too much homework makes a student feel unmotivated and stressed. Trying to get good grades in all classes creates stress for some students. They feel pressured to do their best and even if they want to take a day off school, they can’t. They can’t because once they do they get behind and lose the motivation they had. It is better for everyone to have a mental day off at the same time so no one falls behind.

Schools should consider their students’ mental health by giving them days off and it may enable them to be good in school. While having a mental day off students will tend to focus on themselves and not have to worry about school being their number one priority. There are times where some don’t even spend quality time with their families or friends due to being stressed about school. If mental health days became optional or a thing there probably would be less stress inside a student’s health. They would even feel less pressure around them. Although some students may take advantage of this situation, it will definitely help the ones that want to do their best.