Styling Body Types

Finding pieces that flatter your figure can be easier when you know your body type. It can be difficult to find new clothes when you are unsure why certain items look exceptional on you. After learning how to style your body, it becomes less challenging to build a wardrobe you love to put on. Here’s a guide to dressing body types:

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

For a triangle body shape, a waist flattering garment would fit well. High waist skirts are great! Pants are tricky to fit a wide hip so wide-leg, bootcut, or flared pants can be a good fit for this body type. As for an inverted triangle shape, bring attention to the hips. This is my body type so I tend to wear jackets that extend beyond the hips. Boyfriend/ jogger pants create a full hip. V-neckline and scoop neckline visually narrow the shoulders.     

To achieve a look for a rectangle/ athletic figure, a tailored menswear piece would fit great. The goal is to create curves so aim for garments with volume. Belt the waist! Showing off arms and legs can really help the look.

For an hourglass figure, waist-defining pieces are a great choice. A-line skirts are key. Comfortable, flexible fabrics fit well for this figure.                        

Regarding a diamond figure, create a waistline to balance hips. High waist skirts fit well. Pants that lengthen the body can complement the look. Blouses that add dimension are great fits as well. Explore necklines and belting the waist.

For a round shape, garments with some stretch will fit more comfortably. Bring attention to the wrist and ankles with stylish shoes and jewelry. Shoes with details are perfect for this figure.