Family and Culture Come First

Anonymous, Guest Writer

First of all, I know that I am the pure reflection of my mother’s mind and ideals. My mom has always been who I look up to because of her workaholic determination and mental agility. But should I really look up to who I reflect? I believe my life decisions shouldn’t be driven by someone but rather by my culture and persuaded by role models not made for me. My birth given customs should be the base for my lifestyle and the starting stairs for my future. Thus, I believe I need to reach for my goal of becoming someone in this world. 

I have always been taught that life is difficult because all the other kids that have the same goal as mine are also reaching for it. And some take the easy, or cheaters, way to their goal by money but I’ve been taught to fight for my dreams and work harder than ever if you believe in it. It’s in my mom’s nature to never take the easy way out because she always says, “People will not see you as I see you. All they see is a Mexican boy poor and lonely. I know that you aren’t poor nor lonely but that’s how others will see you, now just let them hear you. “

My culture has its stereotypes including the mother has to be without a career and the father should be the money maker for the whole household. And that’s usually true in Mexico but because my family are immigrants in the U.S. these stereotypes aren’t applied. Our culture is to respect our legacy and learn from their mistakes. My family celebrates the culture of Mexico in every aspect of life. My culture is cultivated preciously in my family and I love my family because of it.

 My family means everything to me but sometimes I think to myself, “Am I the only one who loves what I call a family?” I know that, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed about the idea of change.  My mom has been my inspiring hero since I can remember. My father has been the most culturally influenced. I love my father but I don’t know how to show him, except with our culture. In order to be someone in this world, I have to carry my parents on my shoulders so I can give them the American dream they have always wanted. I need to achieve my beliefs before my parents can. 

In conclusion, my family and culture are what I cherish and believe in. My culture has given me the base identity of life for my kind of people. My family has been the ones who care and love me unconditionally, shaping my everyday identity throughout my life. My destiny to be educated by my parents. And my family’s culture is what keeps us on the rocky road to our dreams while I climb the vigorous mountain of being someone in this diverse world.