Sports Is An Amazing Distraction

Catalina De La Serna, Guest Writer

When you feel overwhelmed how do you escape or get distracted from the world? When I play soccer or any physical activity I get away from my current life. When playing on the field I only focus on the game and nothing else. Playing a sport is a great way to leave current life and not have to worry about anything but only focus on playing. 

Ever since I was little, my parents encouraged me to be active so they took me to Karate. Even though Karate isn’t a sport it feels like it because it’s an activity that keeps you moving. My parents believe that doing a sport helps kids from being stuck at home and being bored. It is a great distraction especially for younger kids because now all they want to do is be on a device. Participating in a sport helps kids distract themselves and have fun. 

My brother has a friend who has an older brother which both of them were on my brother’s soccer team. My parents knew how they were living and how their family behaved because their cousins are our neighbors. My dad knew the kids were going to be influenced by bad things because of the people they had around them. He accepted them in his team because they wanted to play soccer and so they can get distracted from all the negative things in their lives such as drugs, stealing, drinking, etc. Soccer helped them shut out all the things they had going on at home and if they were not in the right mindset then soccer would change that up.

My dad once told me that “Sports is an escape from the world.” This is very true and I really take this into consideration when I’m not doing good in life and need a distraction. He says that sports are an amazing thing for people of all ages because it distracts them and if they’re feeling down it can bring you back up. Playing sports is like having fun because you get to have a laugh with your friends and play the sport you love.

I have learned that whenever you are not doing good or want to get away from life to go play the sport you love. It has changed my way of thinking about life and that there is a way to shut down life whenever it gets tough. If you are having a bad day or you want to distract yourself from the bad things heading your way go play a sport with friends. Playing a sport really wakes you up and boosts your energy. Soccer helps me let go of my bad emotions and thoughts I have inside of me.