Always Look At The Good Things

Mozammil Haq, Guest Writer

Have you ever had a bad day and felt like nothing was going right? Have you ever been in a desperate situation where there is nothing good to look at? This happens to everyone at some point in their life. But even in desperate situations you always have to look at the good things, even when there is nothing good to look at. 

I remember a time when I was in a desperate situation where everything seemed bad. In this situation, I was severely sick and was constantly throwing up. My stomach felt like it was being stabbed with a needle from the inside. Each time I threw up it felt like each cell of my body was about to explode. I was constantly in this state for quite some time and it felt like it would never end. All I could do was bear the pain and prepare myself for my next throw up. In this state, I couldn’t think of anything but the pain and negative stuff. At that time I couldn’t think of positive things because I thought that there was nothing good to look at or to look forward to. All I thought of was negative things which made me feel worse. Then I started thinking about how long this pain will last because I couldn’t take it anymore. Then I came to the conclusion that this pain will eventually end and that in the future I would be normal and happy. This made me feel a little better even though I was still feeling the same pain. Because of this, I started thinking about more positive things like “at least I don’t have a serious disease like cancer” and “once I am back to normal I would be stronger because I survived this.” My pain went on for a whole day but I pushed through it because the positive thoughts made me stronger and helped me go through the pain. Finally, when I got better, I was really grateful that my pain went away. 

In conclusion, since I was thinking about good things, my experience wasn’t as bad as it would have been. Even though it looked like there was no hope in my situation, I just created my own hope to make things better. No matter how bad a situation is, even if there is nothing good to look at, always look at the good things because that good thing is inside you.