Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone and Learning From My Mistakes

Anonymous, Guest Writer

I believe in stepping out of my comfort zone and learning from all my mistakes made. I work in construction and I do roofing, tile, and cement walls. I don’t have a specific location because my job is traveling around the IE self-owned business. When going to work I feel like I could do it all by myself and stand up to my job position to show that I am capable of doing it. But it is not always like that, I  had to overcome these obstacles that I don’t expéct and it’s always best when making a mistake to learn from it because I’m not gonna do that job only once but again, again and again. I’ve been to that point where life has felt impossible and feels like there is no way out. I say this belief “ Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone And Learning From My Mistakes” in general not just for a job but also like a math test, family problems, or even those strong feelings very deep inside me to step out of the kid zone I’ve been in your whole life and start looking forward to the real world.

A couple of years back when I was twelve years old I remember I was in my English classroom room J93 Sunnymead Middle school. That day every kid in the classroom had to read and I was the only one that was very shy. Every time I got shy my cheeks turned to the color of tomatoes, very very red, I always sat in the back of the class to prevent crossing the teacher’s eye. My teacher’s name was Mrs. Delatorre and she is a very nice, awesome English teacher, but one day she called on me to read when I never expected the moment to come. But I couldn’t read that well, I had to tell her I couldn’t do it, the kids laughed at me and the teacher told me “you could have a seat, but ima call your parents”. So when I got home that day the feelings just got to me and I cried at home and my parents I expected them to be mad, they came into my room and they supported me. I was told, “ step out of your comfort zone, and if you don’t know how to do something learn from the mistake made”. Since that day I started getting motivated thanks to my dad and my mom, they opened the doors I had shut and made a big change in my entire life.

Growing up with such an awesome family that I had my entire life, now I am sixteen about to be seventeen years old, and day by day I remember my belief of doing anything without having a locked door. When going to work with my dad, he is a mechanic and loves working on cars and since I started growing up he’s been trying to show me how to work on my own cars. Every time I try to help him he always tells me “I want you to learn how to work on cars, I never want to see you paying someone else to do it for you”. My first mechanical job was to use a hydraulic to pick up a car and take off the wheel. It was so scary because the car was floating in the air and I just said to myself it’s gonna fall. But since I did it all the time and I got used to it, while my dad prepared his tools I prepared the car for him to get straight on to work. Not long ago he picked up the car himself and took off the wheel and he told me “now it’s your turn to fix it” it gave me a scared gut feeling, I felt so many butterflies in my stomach but ended up doing it either way. When I finished putting on the brakes, I forgot to put this metal plate that goes behind the brake pad and my dad got kind of mad but in the end, I heard part of my belief “just learn from your mistakes and not do it again”.

Later on, I entered high school and it was much harder than I thought. One class that I really struggle with is math and I never understand. I am always in my math class trying to study even during lunch to learn but it’s just complicated for me. I will go to my after-school math tutoring after taking a math test or quizzes and wanting to retake them. When I went after school it seemed more focused and I was like the only one in class and the teacher gave me her whole support. I will leave home with an awesome retake grade and learn from my mistake caused. I will feel so proud of myself because I overcame that obstacle. To this date, I still struggle but I find a way to jump over that “I can’t do it” wall. Since then I told myself I can’t do it, but I will just need to learn from my mistakes and move on, also to always stay positive and never make myself go down, but instead, motivate myself to keep moving up in life.

In conclusion, since that belief “ Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone And Learning From My Mistakes” came into my head I saw that life stepping out of the comfort zone opened so many doors and made me look at things as possible and not impossible like I did most of my life. By getting out of it I learned how to work and that helped me earn money because now I know mechanics and also construction work. Also from learning how to learn from my mistakes taught me that is just a matter of time and practice and especially learning the rules. I hold this idea in me so much because it is what gets me ahead and I don’t feel like being trapped in a cell and letting obstacles get in front of me. This is why I hold my belief and I will always take it with me and always remember that my parents told me to move forward and correct my mistakes, this is why I am who I am and I am very proud and thankful.