Do What You Love To Do

Anonymous, Guest Writer

Society nowadays has changed so much and has become judgemental to a whole other level. People are not able to do what they love to do to their fullest extent because of the way things are viewed and judged. But I believe that if you truly love to do something, then you should strive for whatever your goal is with it. Do not let anybody get in your way or tell you whether you can do it or not, because, at the end of the day, it’s truly your choice.

Video games have always been seen as negative in today’s society. But some kids use it as a way to escape from the real world. They love to game, it’s as simple as that. But media, parents, and society always try to take it away from them. I’ve had multiple instances in which my parents have attempted to take away this privilege, something I truly love to do. They would bust into my room telling me to do something else or they’d turn it off themselves. I’d simply stare right into their eyes. With that simple look, all the words I could say with my mouth were being told with my eyes. It told them how important these “stupid games” were to me, and how I cherished them and loved them. It was an escape, a therapy, a stress reliever.

I’ve also heard multiple stories of people wanting to be something more than others could possibly imagine. Many of these are upcoming Youtubers. There are so many different ways to become something big rather than just going to school for another 4 years or more, just to get into a career that other people want you to be in rather than you want to be in. There’s one Youtuber that truly inspires me because of his dedication to what he loved to do. His name is Baylen Levine, 20 years old, and a High School dropout. Being a Youtuber was his number 1 dream, so he dropped out of school to chase that dream. Most people didn’t believe in him. They said he was stupid and would get nowhere in life. But in just 1 year, he gained 1.6 million subscribers and even has his own clothing line. All of this achieved with the love for entertainment and bigger dreams. This inspires me to chase my own dreams and become bigger than others tell me.

To conclude, doing what you love to do, will always lead to happiness because you decide your future. You are your own boss, who can make your own decisions, responsibilities, and have your own dreams. And I truly live by this statement. Whether you love something as simple as playing video games or be someone greater than any other person could ever believe you could be, simply, do what you love to do.