Words Can Hurt

Anonymous, Guest Writer

When I was little, age 10, probably in 4th grade, my dad always asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said I want to be a police officer when I grow up. My dad told me that when I grow up that’s not going to happen because you are going to work with me when you’re older. Basically, my dad hurt me with words saying that I’m not going to be a cop putting my dreams down to a point where I felt that I’ll never have hope of being a cop. Took me a couple of years to think about what my belief is. Until today I found out what my belief is and I’ll tell you guys later in the story what my belief is.

As you can see words can hurt. Words can cause someone to get angry, upset, sad, and depressed. Depending on what you say or someone says to you it can cause a lot of emotion. I believe that words can hurt and cause the person to get emotionally hurt from what the person has said. Words can trigger a person’s emotions and the way they think. They’ll think that everything that you’ll say was true and start putting it into their mind. When I was a little kid I told my sister that I hated her she started crying and thinking that I hated her. I told her that because I was angry at someone who made me feel like all my hope and dreams were hopeless. 

When I was about 8 or 9  years old my brother made me cry because I wasn’t able to read. He told me that I was stupid because I couldn’t read a book. Those words really hurt me and made me change the way I was so I started reading more books. I was getting a little lazy because the books I’ll be reading would be for little kids. Then my brother told me that the book will be for little kids and sometimes after school, I’ll be staying up until 2 in the morning because I didn’t know how to do my homework. He’d call me a  dumbass and tell me to hurry when I don’t know how to do my homework. When he said those words they hurt me because before I was born the doctor said that I might have autism and they recommended my parents get an abortion and my parents said no.

In conclusion, words are everything that we have. Words can hurt someone emotionally so be careful what you say. Words can be used as good or bad. Words can make people hate you and make them push you away