True Joy and Happiness Come From The Time One Spends With Their Loved Ones

Anonymous, Guest Writer

As children, many of us fancy the idea of living in the large mansions that have beautiful views of the vast blue sea and owning the Ferraris and other foreign cars. As well as owning expensive clothing and shoes and other things that are trending. We tend to believe that these materialistic things will bring us happiness and joy, but in reality money and materialistic things only bring temporary happiness. True joy and happiness come from the time one spends with their loved ones and cannot be entirely obtained with money. 

Society has created these false ideals and lies that money and fame will bring you plenty of happiness and joy. The materialistic things will surely bring happiness but it won’t be everlasting. People see what they think are the ideal lives of the celebrities and people with fame that have millions of dollars at their disposal, but I as a person, and as an individual has realized that yes the money and fame would be great, but I am perfectly content with life at this very moment. 

One thing I have learned especially from this entire quarantine is that time with loved ones is very precious, as I have lost a few over this year. As a result of this,I began to think that instead of wasting so much time on my phone and on my ps4, I should rather spend more time with my family especially since time doesn’t stop for anyone and that eventually one day I will lose them. So rather than wasting as much time as I have with materialistic things, I should try to spend time with my family and those who bring joy and happiness to me as it would also improve my mental health.

The materialistic things aren’t what make life so memorable and precious. The moments you spend with others and the importance of self-content are what makes life enjoyable. But, life can be rather difficult without money such as struggling to put food on the table or in order to put a roof over your head. These struggles cannot be overcome by just time with loved ones as it is definitely a scenario in which money is almost indefinitely necessary. I will not deny that money and materialistic possessions do make life easier and more pleasurable, but it’s only temporary.

In short, I believe that money and the materialistic things in life do not bring as much joy and pleasure in life, as family and friends could bring to a person. Also, as an individual, I have learned the importance of family and positivity in life are very important especially when trying to maintain good mental health and trying to make the most out of the limited time that we have in this life. Just live your best life and try not to have regrets.