Invitation To a New Day

Anonymous, Guest Writer

As night seemed to be an endless loop of disaster, I found myself easily trapped in a pessimistic mindset. Except I forget the night ended, to which the sunrise followed after and brought light to even the darkest of times. I believe in watching the sunrise as it reminds me that even after any inconveniences, there is always a bright side. 

I know it is easy to focus on everything I do not have, but being able to appreciate what I do comes with an even more overwhelming feeling. As the oldest child, being alone for the first few years and getting the news of a new sibling was something that I was not very pleased to hear about. The attention I once had was gone, but what I would not see until later was that my sibling would become someone I can go to for support. I had a new close friend that I can watch grow with me. 

Just as after rainy days a rainbow will shine through the clouds and after every night the sun will rise, I can look forward to the change my life brings. Life decided to give me an early surprise at the age of five; my parents had divorced. I was crushed, but the words from my father telling me that one day I will be able to look back at this and laugh at just how silly it would be for me to let this event hold me back. I followed his words and I would meet my best friend, who through my mother’s new marriage, would become my new oldest sister. I could not have asked for anyone better. 

Growing up I realized life would continue whether you are ready for it or not. So instead of moping around over the dark times, I will create meaning in my effort. School is something I put a majority of my time and focus into as it can be sometimes demanding. I also know that there will be those days where I can not do my best, but what can one bad day do to my entire year? It can not do anything to me, because I know I will have another day where I can do even better. 

Spilling milk does not bring the end of my world and the sun rising each morning reminds me I am able to continue on. I am no longer a person that is stuck on one page of my own story questioning why. Rather, I go along with it and make do with what I was gifted in life. The sunrise will continue to carry me through my nights and I can never overlook what is in the sky.