You Have To Fail In Order To Succeed

Anonymous, Guest Writer

When you fail at something, Do you think it is time to give up?  Whenever I fail in something I have the mindset that wants to keep striving. Giving up to me feels like it isn’t going to get me anywhere and if I do it I will disappoint many people including myself. 

 I was never the best student in middle school, I felt like a failure because of my grades and the friends I hung out with. My friends made me think that not caring about school was cool so I wouldn’t do my work in classes which made me look bad. When I realized this after seeing my grades being straight f’s I asked myself, “what do I want to be when I grow up, are my grades going to help me get there?” I wanted to change even if I had thoughts of what other people will think of me. I got myself together in the 8th-grade year to get 5 A’s and 1 C that is when I knew I was going to give school my all from there on.

The person who has shaped this belief was my 8th-grade history teacher who was my mentor then and is still to this day my biggest support. I’ve always seen her as a part of my family. I trust her and she treats her students as if they were her kids, her advice has most definitely been the reason why I changed as a student so much. She knows I can achieve big things and she’s always been there for me each step of the way. She is also the reason why I have the mindset to be the best I can be and help other people out.

When I first started playing baseball, I wanted to quit. I would never hit, I’d always drop the ball, and I always let the team down when it was up to me. I always looked up to my dad since he was one of the best players I knew at the time. He asked me, “Do you want to keep playing so I can get you more practice, or do you want to quit?” I of course asked him for more coaching and more time in a batting cage and from there on I kept getting better and better. If I had given up when I was a kid I wouldn’t be able to enjoy what I get to enjoy in the sport today.

I will always think about “What would happen if I quit?” before I think about stopping something because of the fear of failure. When I look back to the things I’ve failed at and think about what would have happened if I quit I am grateful for fighting through all the failures I had. I am also grateful for the support I have received from my teacher. Failure will never be an option.