Sometimes Family Isn’t Blood

Anonymous, Guest Writer

Most of us think of family as mom, dad, siblings, or anybody that is biologically related to us. This may sound odd but the truth is sometimes family does not have to be related to you at all. Throughout the years I have stopped talking to many people that I considered my family due to the fact that we were biologically related but I realized those people could not be my family because they were never there for me.

I have come to realize that family does not have to share DNA with you, it is not about genetics it is actually about how much you care for each other and love one another. For example, my cousin Johnny has always been there for me no matter what he has always been there to support me when I was going through something or just needed to talk about something important. He has been one of the most supportive people out of every person I know in my life and we are not even biologically related but he is my real family. We grew up around the same age and we are almost always the first person to tell each other anything.

Another person that is family to me but is not biologically related to me is my brother’s girlfriend. She has also been super supportive and there for me. She is someone I trust very much and she is one of the first people I go to for advice on pretty much anything. She is super fun to be around and also she is just a caring and uplifting person. Lastly, I have found out who my real family is and it is not my biological family because, to be frank, I do not talk to most of my relatives and at this point, I do not even consider them family. My real family is the Alvarado family. They are the ones that have stuck with me no matter what and are also pretty much the only family I still talk to. 

So from my experiences, I can safely say that family is determined by love and supporting each other and sticking together through thick and thin because sometimes family isn’t the people you are related to but the people who you choose to be around and choose to love you for who you are and choose to keep it that way. Because in my opinion you choose family and sometimes your biological family doesn’t treat you as well as the family you choose.