Words Hurt

Fabiola Reyes, Staff Writer

I believe words hurt. Many people look at me and start talking about how skinny I am. Say comments like, “you should eat more,” or, “do you even eat?” My problem is no one would walk up to an overweight person and say, “Do you ever stop eating?” or “You should stop eating so much.” So if you wouldn’t say it to an overweight person, what makes it okay to say to an underweight or skinny person.

“I can see your bones.” Is it still body shaming if you talk about someone being skinny? I’ve been skinny my whole life, so I’ve heard comments about me being skinny my whole life as well. The thing is I used to love being skinny, but people constantly talking about how I was skinny made me hate being skinny. It made me not like my appearance and I always wanted to wear loose clothes so it wouldn’t be as noticeable. For example, at family gatherings, my aunts would always talk about how skinny I was. It wasn’t good to be that skinny, which ended up making me have body image problems. Many girls and boys experience this as well, where the comments that family and friends make lead them to have insecurities and in some cases even eating disorders.


On top of that, people would say things like, “Be careful. You might get blown away.” It was always comments like this my parents told me to ignore. I was told I shouldn’t get upset at these jokes, but these jokes that even my own family was making made me want to stuff my face with food until I gained weight. Growing up around these comments made me have thick skin. However, not everyone grows up around a family like mine. This is why when I started middle school a lot of my friends started to feel bad about their appearance when people made comments on how skinny they were. 


Seeing how these comments affected others and how they made me feel helped me realize how words really do hurt. I started to not care about what people had to say over time, and now people still make comments about my weight, but I don’t let it affect how I feel about myself. I can’t control what other people say. However, now I make sure that I watch what I say to make sure I don’t hurt others’ feelings. And I make sure that I remind people that they are beautiful the way they are every chance that I get.