I’ve Accepted My New “Normal”

Elizabeth Vega, Staff Writer

We have been in a pandemic for six months now. I’m sure we have all discovered new things about ourselves and have had some difficulties keeping ourselves occupied. My social media has been filled with posts and stories of my friends ranting about how they’ve been so bored out of their minds and how they’re so stressed with school work. 

A lot of my close friends were dealing with financial issues, deaths of close ones, and other personal issues. I guess I’ll admit that this pandemic has hit me more than I had ever expected it to. It was hard for me to leave my bed and have any motivation to do anything let alone do any type of school work. I would see my phone being filled with notifications of work teachers were assigning. I doubt that most of our teachers have a clue what students are going through during this quarantine.

We were all used to a routine of being up and about walking from class to class, interacting with other students, and being able to participate in physical activities. Although I wasn’t the type to be out a lot before it was obviously a drastic change because all of a sudden we were practically in a lockdown, without being able to see friends or close family. I thought about how crazy it was that not that long ago, we would all be in crowds and sharing drinks with friends and now we have to be six feet apart from each other and can’t enter any public place without a mask on. To me, it really felt like a scene from the movie “I Am Legend”.


 I remember the first time I went out in public, I mean yeah, I’ve been through drive-through fast-food restaurants, but it obviously isn’t the same. A simple trip to Target had given me anxiety, seeing more than five people at once was odd. It felt weird not being in a room with just four walls and in a house I know every corner of and can probably even get around well with my eyes closed. 


I’ve personally grown comfortable in this quarantine, and in this distance learning. Of course, it was hard at first, but I got the hang of it and my grades at the moment are really good. Now honestly, I don’t look forward to going back to normal. I’ve accepted that this pandemic might be my new “normal” for a while.