Boiling Point


7:45 a.m  “Sighs… Here we go again.” 

I get cleaned up and ready for school as if I’m actually going to learn something. I start my first class; right away I’m trying to write everything down and understand the lesson at the same time. It’s very difficult to focus when you have people leaving and entering the house every second of the day, and on top of that having two obnoxious dogs that just bark all day.  

8:40 a.m “ Alright class time is up, make sure you don’t forget to do your homework and see you tomorrow, okay bye.” “Every day we’re getting a new lesson and I’m over here still stuck on our previous one. It’s very overwhelming and stressful because it feels like that for every single class. It’s like teachers don’t seem to understand that we have other classes that also give us homework to do.” 

10:30 a.m “Can you make me my coffee now?” My mom asks me.

Then throughout the day: 

“Come help me clean.”

“Wash the dishes.”

“Put the dishes away.” 

“Don’t forget to throw away the trash too, okay!” 

When having online school I didn’t think it was going to be this difficult. My mom expects me to do all this during and right after school, I tell her that I can’t because I have homework, which makes her frustrated. 

11:40 a.m School is finally over for me but it doesn’t mean that it is. It just feels like it never ends and it stuck in my head 24/7. At this point, it’s more like a job that I need to maintain and if I don’t I’m going to lose everything which is exhausting, and overall it just drains me out of my energy. 

I don’t even want to do anything anymore, I just want to stay in my bed and let the whole day run out.

I don’t even have the energy to be around people anymore. 

School is starting to take a toll on me: it’s funny to think that every year I couldn’t wait to go to school because of how it made me feel, but now it’s the only thing that I don’t want to feel anymore.  

3:00 p.m I just finished helping my mom with chores that we had to do around the house. Now it’s time to run errands for her, she would do them herself but she’s sick and I don’t want her to get worse. 

5:05 p.m I finally get home and I rush straight into my room to get ready for work. I usually get picked up by 5:15 p.m. I continue working for a couple of hours until we finally finish what we have to do. 

8:30 p.m I’m on my way home now and super exhausted and tired. Right as I get home, I go straight into the shower because I’m very dirty and which usually ends up for me taking a 12-15 minute shower. After that, I change into my pj’s and go eat. 

10:30 p.m Is about the time I start to do my homework. I first continue with math because it’s the easiest for me, from there I do psychology, English, and history because it’s the most time consuming one for me. 

1:15 a.m “Wow, I can’t believe that I’m almost done.” 

1:30 a.m *Shuts off Chromebook, puts schoolwork away, turns off the lights, looks at the ceiling, and the only words that come out of my mouth before I go to sleep “Sighs… Here we go again.”