Lack of Motivation


I just sit there blankly staring at my computer screen with no motivation to do the work. Distance learning has put me and I’m sure others in one of the most unmotivated and draining places.

These online classes are not even close to being easier than the classes we had in a classroom. In fact, it feels more grueling than a regular school in a traditional class. Learning at home definitely requires more motivation. 

It is so hard to try to stay motivated when learning from home. It does get difficult especially when you are a student who does not usually work well without in-person interaction and administration. When we had school on campus, it was so much easier to actually get the work done while having some face to face guidance. 

I become extremely worn out and fatigued after finishing all the zoom calls for the day to do any work after that. Some teachers expect us to do all of our work right after school and turn it in before five or sometimes even three. I know that they need to count us for doing work for the day but they should just give us a simple question to answer like how some other teachers do. 

Right after we finish our last class on zoom, I close my Chromebook and basically start my day. All I have time for in the morning is to do the necessities quickly like wash my face and brush my teeth but then it’s straight to the first zoom call at eight. Sure I could wake up earlier and do everything else but I try to get the most sleep I can before the tiring morning of all those calls. It is an issue I can fix, this is just another reason I lack motivation for distance learning. 

I feel scared of starting and writing something that isn’t perfect. I tell myself that I will start it when I am in a good headspace to do so. I honestly never really feel in the best headspace to write essays or do a load of work but I have to start at some point right. It’s not that I am lazy.. or at least that much but I feel clueless about where to start most days.